Case Studies

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GTEK Foods are importers of high-quality meats, poultry, and seafood.  Their existing Internet Service Provider declined to install fibre due to high costs which they could not pass on to GTEK.  The ISP also suggested that the rural location was too remote to ensure good fibre speeds.  These issues, together with internal Wi-Fi problems meant that staff could not work effectively from their home office.


A prominent charity-run country estate who are reliant on donations from visitors and private donations was experiencing very poor internet service.  They were plagued by slow speeds, erratic connections, and inadequate distribution across the very large estate. The estate was referred to Skyline Networks and we quickly arranged an assessment of the existing internet service provision.


A prominent clothing brand was referred to Skyline Networks by a partner company.  This prospective client needed a dedicated high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connectivity in a built-up area. Not only did the situation require a high specification, but there was extremely tight 2-week deadline.


Business parks have a high demand for internet connectivity due to their tenants’ extremely varied and unpredictable businesses.  One particular business park in Essex is a long-standing client of Skyline Networks.