About Skyline Networks

A customer focused, specialised Fibre Broadband and Leased Line Internet Service Provider

Established in 2003

We provide exceptional specialised fibre broadband and leased line solutions for a wide range of professional and rural situations.
Skyline Networks has built a respected reputation as an exceptional, hyperfast fibre broadband, leased line ISP serving an incredible array of physical locations.

Our Product Range


Skyline Fibre

Our brand new, hyperfast fibre broadband service using Skyline Networks’ own fibre infrastructure.


Skyline Air

Ultrafast Business ‘Fibre’ Broadband Supplied ‘over-the-air’ via our independent, ISP carrier-grade network.


Skyline G

Our ultrafast wireless 4G & 5G broadband solution which can be bonded to our other business broadband packages for the highest standard of connection resilience.


Skyline Phones

We also offer both phones and phone lines for both business and residential properties. Skyline Networks is a business that allows you to have everything in place via just one company. Make life simpler today.

Case Studies

We explore some of the latest trends and strategies

Skyline Networks are the Fibre Broadband and Leased Line ISP for you.

We create bespoke installations for your unique situation. Designed from the ground up, we bring reliable, resilient broadband internet connectivity to you, no matter where you are.