Code of Practice


1. Introduction

Skyline Networks and Consultancy Ltd is a provider of next generation internet services to businesses. These services are delivered via Skyline’s microwave wireless network.

This Code of Practice is designed to enable existing and prospective clients to contact Skyline Networks Sales and Support departments to pursue enquiries concerning service or service issues.

Throughout this Code of Practice there may be references to the following documents which should be read in conjunction with this policy. The following are available online and are also available upon request:

Acceptable use policy

Terms & conditions

The following documents are more service specific and so are only available upon request:

Customer Agreement

Service Level Agreement

2. Contact Details

Skyline can be contacted by post, email or telephone

Sales and General Enquiries

Phone: 01277 888438


Technical Support

Phone: 01277 888438


Postal address and registered office:

Skyline Networks and Consultancy Ltd

Unit 12 Spring Rise

Falconer Road


Suffolk. CB9 7XU

Company Reg 04935253

3. Services & Pricing

Skyline offers many internet related services including bespoke connectivity solutions, IP Telephony and hosting solutions. Please contact a member of Skylines sales staff for further details and pricing.

4. Compensation Packages

Skyline offers a range of compensation for Skyline attributable down time. Details of the packages and acceptance criteria are available in the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA).

5. Support Services

For complete details of the support services offered please see the relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA).

6. Standard Service Contract Conditions

These are detailed in our standard “Terms & conditions” with the exception of any pre-agreed additional conditions which would be detailed in the “Customer Agreement”

7. Complaint Procedure

Skyline take any negative feedback very seriously and we are committed to resolving all complaints quickly and fairly. In the event of a complaint regarding any aspect of a Skyline service, clients should submit full details of the complaint in writing, either by post or e-mail to Our objective is to seek out the root cause of the problem so we can put in measures to help prevent any such thing happening again. In order for us to do this we must ask clients to include as much detail as possible including any previous correspondence with Skyline on the matter and a summary of the issue you wish us to address. Once a complaint has been received, it will be logged onto our CRM system so that any further communications can be tracked. Skyline will endeavour to respond within 7 days of logging the complaint. If the Skyline response is unsatisfactory, the client must request in writing that the complaint be escalated to a more senior level for review. We are committed to resolving client issues as swiftly as possible and assure clients that all complaints are monitored continuously by Skyline senior management.

8. Dispute Resolution

In the event we are unable to resolve a complaint to the clients satisfaction within eight weeks of submitting the complaint or the client has received a response from Skyline stating the complaint has reached ‘deadlock’, the client may choose to refer the complaint to CISAS who are an independant alternative dispute resolution scheme.

24 Angel Gate
City Road
Phone: 020 7520 3827
Fax: 020 7520 3829