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Temporary Mobile Internet Solution – Film Shoot

A prominent clothing brand was referred to Skyline Networks by a partner company.  This prospective client needed a dedicated high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connectivity in a built-up area. Not only did the situation require a high specification, but there was extremely tight 2-week deadline.  The prospect had scheduled a film shoot which demanded ultrafast upload and download of UHD footage with no lag or drop-outs, and they were up against a strict time-limit.

After a very swift consultation and site analysis, Skyline Networks recommended a temporary internet solution which would deliver 400mbps download AND upload service to the location.  The proposed system would give incredibly fast, dependable internet connections at all times, with very low ping times and minimal latency.

The Skyline Networks team delivered the required internet service provision from survey to install in less than the required 2 weeks, enabling the scheduled film shoot to go ahead exactly as planned.