Marks Hall


Case Study – Country Estate

A prominent charity-run country estate who are reliant on donations from visitors and private donations was experiencing very poor internet service.  They were plagued by slow speeds, erratic connections, and inadequate distribution across the very large estate.

The estate management had found themselves in a situation where they were unable to meet their growth targets due to the ineffective on-site communications network.  It was vital that the estate was run as efficiently as possible, given that they relied on charitable donations and income from visitors. The estate was referred to Skyline Networks and we quickly arranged an assessment of the existing internet service provision.

It was immediately apparent that the outdated solutions and expensive fibre infrastructure on the estate had the management team facing inflated costs and sub-standard data flow. The poor internet experience was causing frustration for staff and visitors.  The existing installation was such that internet connectivity efficiency could not be maintained, and the system had the estate struggling to manage basic day-to-day operational activity both in their buildings and on the land.

The Solution

Working in partnership with the estate management, Skyline Networks consulted in great depth to find out precisely what their needs were at the time and importantly, into the future too.

Following their detailed consultation, the Skyline Networks team designed an entirely new internet service provision using a bespoke communications network infrastructure.  This specifically catered for the varying needs of each part of the estate.  The solution was highly cost-effective and would ensure that every part of the landscape was served with a reliable, consistent, and high-speed internet connection without the inflated cost of operation and upkeep that they had been experiencing.  Visitors, estate workers, contractors, and potential benefactors would be able to enjoy full, uninterrupted superfast internet throughout their visit, no matter where they are on the estate.  Each building and land area would be served with dependable, fast and future-proof ISP

Skyline Networks installed a system with the following specification:

Line Type: Leased (Skyline Networks own ISP Service)

Download Speed: 400mbps

Upload Speed: 400mbps

Range: Wireless Multiple ‘point to point’ solution connecting the main buildings and offices throughout the estate.

Cabling: Cat 6 Cabling throughout

Wi-Fi: Guest and Estate Wi-Fi to all buildings.

Outcome: The estate enjoys trouble-free, high-speed internet connectivity enabling them to continue with operations without having to consider how to stay connected when managing the land.  The estate team are now able to ensure that visitors’ internet experience remains optimal when inside the buildings, and also whilst on the land.  The system is fit for the present and the near future and can easily be adjusted to reflect the changing requirements of the estate. Additionally, should new technology become available which will improve the efficiency of the system on the estate, it can be incorporated swiftly and within minimal disruption to service.

Line Type:
Download Speed:
Wireless Multiple ‘point to point’ solution