GTEK Foods


GTEK Foods are importers of high-quality meats, poultry, and seafood.  Their existing Internet Service Provider declined to install fibre due to high costs which they could not pass on to GTEK.  The ISP also suggested that the rural location was too remote to ensure good fibre speeds.  These issues, together with internal Wi-Fi problems meant that staff could not work effectively from their home office.

After consultation, Skyline Networks worked with GTEK to help deliver 100mbps upload AND download speeds with a reliable internet solution.

Skyline Networks were also able to complimentary support to ensure that the customer’s internet solution was properly installed so that they were able to enjoy full benefit of the internet connection Skyline Networks had supplied.

GTEK Foods – Response from the customer.

David and his team from Skyline Networks are a highly valued ISP to GTEK Foods Ltd providing dedicated internet connections to our remote office locations where other networks are unavailable.  David went the extra mile to ensure our internal systems were fully optimised and since installation have provided faultless internet connectivity at the speeds we were promised.