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Being unable to get a high speed reliable internet connection can cause issues for a growing company. Relocating offices to more rural locations can provide a big cost saving for a company but often at the price of having limited or no connectivity. In many cases traditional ISPs just can’t provide high speed reliable connections because the existing BT infrastructure can’t support it due to distance or ageing copper and the costs of laying new cable is too expensive. For companies within the reach of a hard-liners network the cost of a high speed symmetrical connectivity may limit the way your company uses the net and does business.

Skyline 'is' different

Skyline is a different type of ISP providing connectivity not via traditional methods. We can provide high speed Leased Line, SDSL and ADSL type connections using highly secure wireless technology. Once connected to our independent network your traffic is routed across our extensive radio backbone network to one of our public internet peering points where it joins the rest of the world. With an average <10ms latency on our access network, our solutions are suitable for any high performance or delay sensitive application such as VoIP, video conferencing or supporting remote worker.

Network redundancy

As we are completely independent from BT or any other cable based operator, we are in the unique position of being able to provide solutions to companies that require total redundancy. Many companies will get a couple of lines installed from different ISP's but fail to realise that often both connections will follow the same physical route to the same physical telephone exchange which creates many single points of failure. You often hear of someone digging up the road and cutting through a load of telecoms cables but when was the last time you heard of someone digging up the road, cutting through cables and wiping out the air ;) ?

Quality of service

Skyline is dedicated to providing a high level of service to all its clients, not just its largest. Whether you’re a 2 seat company or 2 thousand, our products, services and prices never fail to meet your expectations.

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